The Easiest Way to Enter Passwords.

You can use your Touch Screen tablet to punch in your password.

 An app designed to function flawlessly on the new Microsoft Surface or any new Windows TouchScreen laptop. Touch the Screen and you can Encrypt files saved on your Tablet and you can email files that have been Publically Encrypted.

This is the default picture screen that you can use to "touch" in your password: Look carefully for the grid that you can use to guide where to touch.
 As you touch each one in sequence, a border shows up to let you know where you touched. You can easily change this picture to use any picture you have. This shows that the first touch selected her right eye. All functions and features of Away RJN Cryptography work on touch screens. Or, you can use your mouse. Touching the screen in five places produced this Password: "35343591803778099405". A picture input is much easier to remember then a long number string like that.. You never have to be aware of the numbers generated by touching.

This exciting new technology will work on Microsoft Surface or any Windows computer that has a Touch Screen.

Touch Screen technology, such as Microsoft Surface is here to stay and you are right at the forefront.


For Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10 and 11.
This is not Backward compatible with Previous versions of Away RJN Cryptography
Runs on 64-bit machines with no problem.
Each of these are one-time charges.

Download Away RJN Cryptography.
only $19.95.

Pay with Bitcoin
Upgrade to Version
only $ 9.95
from any previous version of AWAY
(which need not be installed)
Encrypted files must be Decrypted with old version first.

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