Built in Picture Viewer

If you have pictures that you need to hide, they can stay encrypted while you view them. There is no need to decrypt them first.
Open Away RJN Cryptography, select the encrypted pictures you want to view, give it your password and Away RJN Cryptography does the rest. You can cycle through them manually or automatically. The encrypted picture stays encrypted during viewing.
Simulation of picture being encrypted

                         Any and All Pictures

Away RJN Cryptography gives you the most secure protection available for Pictures and even videos encrypted with it. There is no way anyone can decipher your encrypted files. If you are viewing encrypted files and you must stop immediately, simply press Esc at anytime and the screen will instantly clear leaving only encrypted files on your computer. The encryption shown above has been converted to Base 64 notation for clarity.

For Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10 and 11.
This is not Backward compatible with Previous versions of Away RJN Cryptography
Runs on 64-bit machines with no problem.
Each of these are one-time charges.

Download Away RJN Cryptography.
only $19.95.

Pay with Bitcoin
Upgrade to Version
only $ 9.95
from any previous version of AWAY
(which need not be installed)
Encrypted files must be Decrypted with old version first.

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