Our Privacy Policy

Since we are in the business of privacy, it is very natural for us to adhere to the best practices of maintaining your privacy. This is how we handle information we learn about you. The information varies depending on whether you just browse our website or if you purchase Away RJN Cryptography

Everyone gets an Internet Protocol (IP) number the moment you access the Internet. It is assigned to your computer. Some, like from cable or DSL providers assign you a "permanent" number. Permanent is in quotes because quite often they change it. Dial up connections are issued fresh with each dial-up.

Every Internet Browser (Edge Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) is capable of sending your IP number with the following information about you to the web sites you visit:

  • Date and Time you were on the site
  • The name of your Internet host. (SBCGlobal.net, comcast.com, etc.)
  • Your hosts' city and state.
  • The website that referred you to ours. (Google, Yahoo, etc)

We only use this anonymous information to give us a tally of how many visitors we get, where in the world you are and how you found us. This information tells us how we are doing in Search Engine Results.

With a legal court order, government agents can obtain your personal name and address from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).We can't, nor do we want to.

Many websites use this information to leave cookies in your computer. We do not ---visit our site; learn about our product; buy it and we bid you adieu.

When you purchase Away RJN Cryptography, the entire transaction is done over secure connections between you and your Credit Card company by way of PayPal.
When the transaction is complete, PayPal will send us an email to notify us that you have paid for the program. You will then receive information on how to download.
If you choose to contact us by email for technical assistance, we will promptly answer you and keep your communication in our file for a period of 6 months.
We never disclose your email with anyone, nor do we ever sell email lists.


For Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10 and 11.
This is not Backward compatible with Previous versions of Away RJN Cryptography
Runs on 64-bit machines with no problem.
Each of these are one-time charges.

Download Away RJN Cryptography.
only $19.95.

Pay with Bitcoin
Upgrade to Version
only $ 9.95
from any previous version of AWAY
(which need not be installed)
Encrypted files must be Decrypted with old version first.

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